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Gulf Investment Development Group, LLC  - GINDEG GROUP  is active worldwide in different sectors, includillng  heavy and light industries, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, mining, agriculture, trading, import/export, petroleum, renewable energy, as direct  investors or by means of joint ventures in different countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and some developing countries in Africa.

Who We Are
Gulf Investment Development Group, LLC with its short name as " GINDEG GROUP " is a multi-national industrial and service Company focused on creating and maximising shareholder value. The Company invests in economic sectors that offer high growth potential and that have been prioritised by its major shareholders.

The company's principal investment and co-investment interests span in various sectors, including capital markets, import/export, multi-product trading,  industrial projects, refined petroleum products and petrochemicals, offshore oil and gas services, agricultural and food products, shipping, healthcare, real estate, tourism and hospitality.

GINDEG's aim is to build sustainable and attractive returns for shareholders and investment partners by managing and deploying capital in areas where the company sees opportunities and can add value. The management team has extensive experience operating in the regional and global markets, with expertise honed at leading international blue-chip corporations and financial institutions.

Initially established in 1997, GINDEG operates at the centre of influential business networks in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and other Arabian Gulf states, most Europann Countries, north Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It enjoys close relationships with some of Emirates key investment and financial institutions, and continues to build associations and explore co-investment opportunities with local and international partners.

Financial Summary
Guided by a diversified and balanced investment strategy approach, GINDEG has built a successful portfolio of investments and businesses across sectors and stages of development. Our strong balance sheet and prudent financial management has positioned us well to deliver attractive returns for our shareholders.

GINDEG achieved a strong performance in 2022, reporting a record net profit attributable to shareholders of AED 506.4 million, an increase of 43% over the previous year. This result was driven primarily by increased returns from GINDEG's key direct investments as well as the strong performance of the Company's capital markets division.

GINDEG's income grew by 33.4% to AED 587.3 million. The Company's net profit translates into earnings per share of AED 0.21 in 2022, compared to AED 0.16 a year earlier, with return on equity rising to 18.6% from 13.4%.

GINDEG assets increased by 22% as of December 31, 2021 to reach AED 8.24 billion.



Residential Buildings
During the last seven years we have been very active in new developments of residential buildings in Asia, Europe and north America.

hotel Tourism & Hospitality
We are always looking for viable projects within the sector of tourism and hospitality in stable countries.

rb-1 High rise Buildings
We have a continuous interest in new developments of office buildings in west abd east Europe, USA and Canada.


{short description of image} Industrial Buildings
Industrial buildings are one of the most important properties that we invested in during the last four years in south America and south east asia.

ships-110 Ship Leasing
We have been and still involved in new ship building investments, including ship management and ship leasing.

petrochem_1 Minerals & Metals
We are involved in 7  minerals and metals projects either as direct investurs or by means of  joint ventures with other half corporate investors in different countries.

tank farm

Petroleum Products
We are also involved in petroleum products storage and trading in eastern Europe, north Africa and south east Asia.

dairies Dairy Projects
Our Group  have invested in many dairy and food processing projects in different countries, including Plants for the production of milk, yoghurt, cheese, dessert cream, butter, ice cream, etc.

financial JV Investments
We are always interested in joint venture projects worldwide, provided these projects are viable and  the place of implantation  is in a safe country.

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